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Thank you for pulling together all of these wonderful people that share the same passions as I do: Loving and teaching at-promise kids.
2010 Attendee

Solutions That Can Change Communities

Education is vital to the future of our communities. Since 2005, the At-Promise Conference has enabled educators working with at-promise students to enhance their skills and learn new tools through subject-specific workshops, networking opportunities and more.

About the conference organizers

RAPSA is a nonprofit group established to provide support and professional development for elementary and secondary educators working with struggling and at-risk students. Through its publications, workshops, and conferences, RAPSA shares innovative, standards-aligned assignments and methodologies for immediate classroom use. RAPSA continues the professional growth and learning opportunities for educators attending the conference.

SIATech charter school's mission is to break the cycle of poverty and underachievement for high school students who have dropped out of the traditional educational system. SIATech offers these students, including those enrolled in the Federal Job Corps program, the opportunity to earn a high school diploma in a motivational, academically challenging environment. Academic learning is integrated in real-world, high-tech applications in a work-like setting as the program focuses on literacy, numeracy, technology and workplace readiness skills. The goal is to improve learning achievement for at-risk students, enabling them to both earn a high school diploma and succeed in vocational careers, military service and postsecondary education.